the hairrr i think i’m dying

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im fine, how about you??

im very fine porque eu descobri que você é br, que é da zoeira aieaieuie fui dar uma olhada no teu tumblr entrei no twitter ai eu fiquei tipo “aêe”

nightignales replied to your post: why no one talks with me? :’(

hey babe

hey, how are you? =D

why no one talks with me? :’(

Our lives consist of the beauty we fill them with - the more beauty we surround ourselves with, the richer our lives will be. But waiting everything more and more blocks us from enjoying the things we already have. It’s good to want things in life, but it’s also important not to be greedy.

Having really big dreams is wonderful, but in order to achieve them you have to start setting goals and writing them down. It’s not enough just to think about them, you have to actively pursue them. The best feeling is crossing one of your goals off your list after you’ve worked so hard to achieve a dream.

my children: mom, we want concert tic-
me: sure